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Pays cacao and coffee farmers fairly and helps plant trees.

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A broken supply chain.

Much of the worlds cacao and coffee beans are low quality and traded unethically. This fosters poverty and results in poor quality chocolate and coffee.


In some of the chocolate and coffee industry, farmers are not paid enough to earn a livelihood and children are being forced to work the farms.


Many companies fail to invest back into the farming infrastructure needed to increase efficiency, quality, and profitability, continuing the cycle of poverty.

Poor Quality Ingredients

Unfortunately, coffee and chocolate is often made with cheap, low-grade beans that earn farmers very little. This reflects in the taste of the final product.

Redefining how chocolate and coffee are made.

Every product we make positively impacts farmers, plants a tree and brings you unique flavors from around the world.


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Giving back to farmers and the planet.

As a social enterprise, we are out to craft amazing products as well as make a positive impact for small holder farmers. We do this by ethically sourcing coffee and cacao, offering training programs on our Cameroon farm, and planting a tree for every product sold.

Planting Trees

We plant one tree for every product sold to fight climate change and foster biodiversity.

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Creating Jobs

Our products create employment and sustainable income for farmers and families.

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Sourcing Ethically

Higher compensation to farmers reduce unethical labor practices.

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