Empowerment comes in many forms—ours just happens to be delicious.


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The last month has afforded us an exciting opportunity at Moka Origins. Thanks to our incredible customers and supporters, we were voted into the final round of FedEx's 2019 Small Business Grant Contest.

We created a video to share our passion for our craft, and we would love to share what drives us in the chocolate factory and on the farm everyday with all of you.

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Good For Everyone

Our specialty chocolate and coffee creates jobs, plants trees and helps communities grow. Whether grown on our own farm in Cameroon or ethically sourced from our partners around the world, we meticulously select only the best beans for our products.

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Coffee & Chocolate

Bean-to-bar chocolate and specialty coffee is our passion. Made in small batches in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

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Social Impact

By partnering with producers while investing into our own farm, we generate real social change in Cameroon.

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