Moka Farm

In 2015, Moka Farms was founded in Cameroon, West Africa to help generate employment through sustainable farming and the creation of a Farmers’ Training Center.

Empowering Farmers & Communities


Economic Development

Helping farmers earn a living wage income for their beans to break the cycle of poverty.

Farmer Education

Our farmer training schools teach locals how to sustainably grow cacao and other unique crops.

Environmental Restoration

Farmers plant one tree for every product we sell, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable agriculture improves the lives of local communities in Cameroon.


Planting Trees

We plant one tree for every product sold. Trees are integral to the success of the planet.

We plant a variety of trees on Moka Farm, almost all of which are fruit trees such as cacao, coffee, mango, banana, and avocado to name a few.

These trees produce fruits that farmers can both use as a food source and sell at the local market for income.

Local Food Crops

One of the goals of Moka Farm is to create a farming infrastructure in which communites can grow and harvest their own food. Modern agricultural tools such as tractors and irrigation systems play a large part in developing this infrastructure.

Farmer Training Center

Our farmer training center focuses on how to successfully grow cacao, one of the hardest crops to grow. In addition, farmers are shown how to grow fruit trees as well as herbs and vegetables.

Seedling Distribution

Our farm team grows new cacao trees in our nursery. This allows them to plant new trees on Moka Farm, as well as distribute seedlings to surrounding communities, allowing them to start their own farms. This results in a sustainable livelihood for surrounding community members. As our nursery grows, we’re able to distribute more seedlings to surrounding communities, resulting in economic growth through farming.

Community Reinvestment

A large portion of our profits are invested directly back into communities in Cameroon. This funding provides community members with the tools for projects like wells for clean drinking water, irrigaton systems and equipment for farming, and other infrastructure such as new buildings.

The Moka Farm team in Cameroon consists of local farmers, agricultural experts, technicians, and business professionals.