Our Story

From our first visit to Cameroon in 2006, we fell in love with the country and its people, and have been proud to call it home for a decade.

How We Started

Jeff Abella, and Ishan Tigunait, the co-founders of Moka Origins met while working on expanding the humanitarian efforts of the Himalayan Institute in Africa.

A generous grant of land helped us invest in creating the ultimate farm-to-bean-to-bar experience. This was the genesis of our commitment to cultivate and hand-source the finest cacao and coffee in the world.

Building Moka Farm

Nestled deep in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, West Africa, our cacao, plantain, and food crop farm is a paradise on earth. This particular region is cut off from running water, electricity and paved roads, making it essential that we invest in these utilities before anything else.

We had to build everything from the ground up—literally! We began by creating infrastructure essential for sustainable farm operations: a staff camp, solar electric system, tree nursery, well, river irrigation system, and an internal road network.

Moka Farm Team

Beginning with a small but dedicated crew, our core team quickly expanded. Farmers, agriculturalists, and just about everyone from the nearby community expressed interest in joining Moka.

The Moka team is a tight-knit global family, working to transform lives by promoting innovative farming techniques while giving our farmers opportunities for a sustainable livelihood. In other words, our vision is for coffee and chocolate to empower communities around the world not just to survive but to thrive.

Make a difference with a MokaBox  Subscription.

Subscribe to MokaBox and make a monthly investment in faming communities. You’ll get limited batch chocolate or coffee every month, and have a reoccurring positive impact.