Social Impact

By establishing our own farm in Cameroon and uniting with partner farmers around the world, we strive to generate real social change.

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Our Mission

As a social enterprise, we are out to make amazing chocolate as well as positively impact rural communities. In 2015 we founded our own farm in Cameroon, where we work with farmers to grow cacao, harvest beans, and exchange knowledge. We also proudly purchase cacao beans from partners who source throughout Africa, and take pride in highlighting African cacao. At our factory in the Poconos, we roast, winnow, and refine these beans to craft extraordinary chocolate from scratch.

Our Impact

Here's what you've helped us achieve so far.

Moka Origins Global Impact


Trees Planted

Each year we commit to planting more trees. Mango, Cacao, Coffee, Banana, Citrus and other nitrogen-fixing trees are just among a few species that we’re planting.

Moka Origins Global Impact


Days of Employment

Since our inception, we've been able to directly employ part-time, full-time and freelance staff members. Included are farmers, agriculturalists, project managers, drivers, mechanics and more.

Moka Origins Global Impact


Pounds of Food Harvested

Aside from cacao, we also grow food crops to support the needs of the local communities. Each month we harvest hundreds of pounds of plantains, corn, beans, tomatoes, peanuts, and more staple food crops.

Moka Origins Global Impact


Family Members Benefited

The average family size in Cameroon is 8 people, who are often supported by a single person's income. Every job that we create has a life sustaining impact on the entire family.

Moka Origins Global Impact


Trees Distributed

By partnering with other farmers we can get more trees planted. After enrolling into our Farmer Field School, farmers get seedlings as well as training on best practices to help maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Moka Origins Global Impact


Invested into Communities

Much of Cameroon doesn't need charity, it needs good leadership and opportunity to create sustainable jobs. By directly investing into infrastructure, providing vocational training, and linking farmers and markets we’re able to accomplish this.

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By handcrafting specialty coffee and chocolate, we’re able to invest directly into farming communities to build sustainable projects.

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