We're honored to have you as a partner

At Moka Origins we are 100% committed to ethical sourcing, producing the highest quality products and developing strong relationships with all involved from farm-to-bar. As a Moka retailer, you are part of this journey and we're honored to have you as a partner. 

Become a retail partner:

1. Apply

Complete our online application form. View the application form here. Once complete, we'll contact you with ordering details.

2. Wholesale Pricing

Apply using the link above and then email Chris@MokaOrigins.com for wholesale pricing information.  

3. How To Place An Order

Placing an order is easy. Once you have been approved, simply email orders@mokaorigins.com with an itemized product list, and a price-adjusted shopping cart will be emailed back to you.

4. Terms and Conditions

Read our Terms and Conditions located here.