Ugandan chocolate farmer with Moka Origins Lemon Ginger Bar

Cacao & Coffee Sourcing Safari

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Did you ever wonder,

Where do my chocolate and coffee come from?” The answers can be found on the Origin Adventures Uganda trip. Eighteen guests traveled this February to explore the mountains and rivers that provide coffee beans and cacao beans for our Uganda single origin products. What did they find? Vibrant culture, unforgettable views, and chocolaty memories to last a lifetime.



Our Ugandan coffee beans come from the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative, a group of farmers working together to produce hand-selected beans for a tasty cuppa joe. Travel to the Rwenzori Mountains with us to pick coffee cherries and see where your coffee starts its journey.


Uganda coffee beans for Moka Origins


Our Ugandan cacao beans are grown by smallholder farmers for Latitude Craft Chocolate. Farmers grow a variety of plants and trees on their organic, family lands including: avocado, banana, mango, and papaya. Visit cacao farms with us and taste fresh cacao beans, straight from the pods and witness the magic of cacao fermentation. Why does a Moka Origins chocolate bar taste so smooth and flavorful? Eighty to ninety cacao beans are in each of our chocolate bars.


Ugandan Cacao Farmer holds Moka Origins Lemon Ginger Bar


The vanilla farms we visit process and ferment vanilla pods by hand, delicately extracting the heady aromas. Coffee, cacao, and vanilla are all part of a thriving group of plants growing together to provide stable incomes throughout the year to our Uganda farming partners. Regenerative farming practices used by the cooperative members includes composting the cacao pods and using worms to create natural fertilizers. These land use practices prevent landslides and soil erosion, ensuring the soil fertility improves each year, creating wealth for future generations to enjoy.



Chimpanzees, lions, elephants and hippos all thrive in the lush Ugandan landscape. Healthy populations of wildlife are ever present. Just another part of the story you can explore on our cacao and coffee safari.


Uganda Moka Origins Adventures Coffee Chocolate Elephant

Here is a recap of the 2024 trip:

Day 1: Arrival at the Entebbe International Airport

Day 2: Journey to Kibale National Park

Day 3: Chimp Tracking at Kibale Forest National Park

Uganda Moka Origins Adventures Coffee Chocolate Chimp Kibale National Park

Day 4: Cultural Walk through Bigodi Community

Day 5: Hands-on Cacao Farming Experience

Day 6: Coffee & Vanilla Farms, and Kazinga Channel Boat Safari

Uganda Green Coffee Bukonzo Moka Origins Adventures Chocolate

Day 7: Safari and Latitude Cacao Fermentation Center

Day 8: Journey to Kampala City

Day 9: White-water Rafting on the Nile and Jinja

Uganda Nile River Moka Origins Adventures

Day 10: Chocolate Factory Tour, Shopping and Farewell Dinner

Uganda Latitude Craft Chocolate Bonbons Moka Origins Adventures


Are you ready to explore...

The world of coffee and chocolate and see wildlife thriving in natural settings? Mark your calendars for the 2025 Uganda Origin Adventures trip, recently named one of the Best Food Tours by the Wall Street Journal. Your Ugandan adventures begin on February 1, 2025.

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