2023 Impact Review

2023 Impact Review

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2023 was one of the biggest growth years for us yet! Not only did we grow as a business, but also our community-led projects that work to create sustainable income for cacao and coffee farmers are expanding. We're excited to give you this impact update, as none of this work would have been possible without your support. In this article, you'll find the key accomplishments you've helped us achieve in each of the countries listed. Let's get into it!



1. Planted more than 200k trees!

The Moka Farm team planted more than 200,000 trees this past year in the Mbonso region of Cameroon. This includes both the trees planted on Moka's own land as well as saplings given to other farmers to plant on their own land. Cacao and other fruit trees as well as shade trees were among the mix. These trees provide sustainable income as well as a community food source. This years tree planting brings our total trees planted to more than 500,000!


2. Gave over 240 farmer training workshops

Our farmer field school is a training center where community members can learn about growing cacao and other fruit trees sustainably for income. Cacao and other tree saplings are provided for free to folks looking to start their own farms. We're happy to report that in 2023, the Moka Farm team gave over 240 training workshops to community members in the Kumbo region of Cameroon.



3. Installed a community water tap

With a well already in place for farming irrigation, it was only natural to set up a tap so that the community can easily access clean water. This saves families from drinking dirty river water or walking 5+ miles for clean water. This tap will provide more than 3,000 people with clean drinking water.



3. New 20 acre rice farm to address hunger

The farm team set in place a new 20 acre rice project to address hunger in the area due to global food shortages, which is hitting Africa the hardest and is the worst it’s been in 40 years according to the Red Cross. This project will help to combat food shortages for the Mbonso community as the food crisis worsens in west Africa.




1. New community coffee project in Mexico

In case you missed it, in late November we announced a new coffee farming project in Mexico! This locally-led project is both a coffee tree nursery and training center, which will help existing coffee farmers in the Puebla state grow higher quality coffee, as well as help interested community members start their own coffee farms successfully. Coffee tree saplings will be provided at no cost to members looking to start their own coffee farms. So far, 7500 trees have been planted in the community nursery to jumpstart this project. More details to come as this project develops.



2. New Mexican cacao partner for upcoming product release

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Revival Cacao, an organization in Mexico working to restore Mexican cacao to its former glory from its overall current state of poorly processed, poor tasting cacao beans. Revival’s proper fermentation techniques and strict quality control ensure this cacao is far from the status quo. We’ll be importing cacao from them that was grown in the Tabasco region of Mexico, and features tasting notes of fruits such as blackberry, plum, and citrus. Look forward to a special bar made from this cacao soon!



Costa Rica

1. New direct-trade cacao partner

Finca La Amistad is much more than just a cacao farm – they distribute cacao seedlings to around 50 farmers in the region, help them maintain and harvest the trees, and subsequently buy the cacao from them at a fair price so that they can dry and ferment the beans under their meticulous and high quality standards. La Amistad’s cacao is positioned above the regional average, both in price and quality, making them the quality center and setting “the bar” if you will, for independent cacao producers in the region. We’re thrilled for this new partnership and assure fans of our Costa Rica 72% bar that they’re in for a real treat with this new cacao.



2.. New direct-trade coffee partner

Café Monteverde is an association of 20 families with deep roots in coffee, agriculture, conservation, and education. For five generations, their families have grown, processed and roasted the best quality coffee in the Monteverde Region, striving for harmony with the surrounding cloud forest. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them for an upcoming coffee.



This years achievements bring our total impact to...

Thanks so much for reading this 2023 impact and partnership update. We look forward to making even more of a difference this year through the support of our fans and customers like you.

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