MokaBox May 2021

MokaBox May 2021

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Celebrating Cinco De Mayo Month

Happy May Subscribers!

This month we are celebrating Cinco De Mayo with coffee beans sourced directly from the southern state of Mexico, as well as a limited batch chocolate that celebrates Mexican culture. 

Mexico holds a special significance in the Moka Origins mission and history as a company. We spearheaded agricultural projects here, which was the original inspiration for our farming project in Cameroon, Africa. While we were in Mexico, we also discovered our love for Mexican coffee and culture.

Let's talk chocolate! This month our chocolate subscribers are getting our Mexican Hot Chocolate Bar. Dark milk chocolate infused with cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of chili, this bar brings Mexican culture in every irresistible bite. Our team can't put this one down! Our two bar chocolate subscribers will enjoy this along side our Sea Salt Chocolate

For our coffee subscribers, we are highlighting our Organic certified coffee bean from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. The Oaxaca region is best known for its mountainous terrain, which produces some of the most sought after coffees in all of Mexico. In this region, farms are incredibly small and are often the only livelihood for these families. You'll find this medium roast to have satisfying chocolate notes and a smooth finish. Our 2 coffee subscribers will enjoy this next to our signature House Blend coffee. 

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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