MokaBox June 2021

MokaBox June 2021

Posted by India Reynolds on

Bring the summer flavors.

Happy June Subscribers!

The first day of summer is right around the corner, and we are kicking it off with bold flavors, refreshing tropical fruits, and a twist on traditional white chocolate.

For our chocolate subscribers, we are releasing our first ever Vegan White Chocolate in our Coconut Mango White Chocolate Bar. Traditional white chocolate is made using milk powder, which we substituted with coconut! We stone grind real coconut milk and organic mango into organic cocoa butter and organic cane sugar for this tropical limited batch chocolate. Every bar is hand topped with organic shredded coconut for texture and a bold tropical taste. Our two chocolate subscribers will enjoy this next to our classic Ghana 72% Dark Chocolate Bar. 

This month, coffee subscribers are getting our Signature Espresso Blend coffee. Perfectly blended for a satisfyingly bold and rich cup, this coffee is perfect for pulling espresso shots, or using your favorite home brewing method of choice. Use a French Press, Pour Over, Percolator, or Drip Machine, and you'll find a delicious brew every time. Our two coffee subscribers will enjoy this next to our Fair Trade Organic Guatemala coffee. 

Happy Summer!

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