MokaBox July 2021

MokaBox July 2021

Posted by India Reynolds on

Summer. A time for campfires with friends, exploring outdoors, swimming, and s'mores.

Hey Subscribers,

Its summer time! The perfect time for swimming, hiking, campfires and S'mores! Introducing our best bar yet, our single origin S'mores limited batch chocolate. We've also sourced a micro-lot bean from the worlds first exporter of coffee (the main port is literally named Mocha), and this small batch coffee lives up to its heritage! Introducing Yemen Matari Microlot coffee.

Chocolate subscribers this month are getting our S'mores Chocolate Bar. Single origin Ghana cocoa is stone ground with organic whole milk and topped with real vegan marshmallows and graham crackers. It's the taste of summer camping in every bite! Our two chocolate subscribers will enjoy this next to our Uganda Semuliki Dark Chocolate Bar.

Coffee subscribers this month are receiving a limited batch coffee from Matari, Yemen. This bold medium roast brings a full body with deep notes of cocoa - representing the unique flavor profiles of this region and the namesake of the city of Mocha. Our two coffee subscribers will enjoy it next to our Uganda Bukonzo Organic coffee. 

Hope you enjoy!

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