Wholesale Terms & Conditions

We’re excited to share our products with your community. Here’s what you need to know. Email orders@mokaorigins.com with any questions. 

Minimum Order Quantity

  • Our MOQ is 4 cases of product per order. 

Shipping & Delivery

  • We offer free shipping to the contiguous USA on orders over $250 or orders with a minimum of 6 case boxes  
  • Local delivery: Free delivery within 25 miles from Honesdale. (Delivery charge of $2 per mile over 25 miles beyond Moka Origins)
  • We ship orders within 1-3 business days of receiving your order.
  • We ship using FedEx, UPS and USPS

Case Quantity

  • 12oz coffees are sold in either 6 or 12 unit case packs
  • Chocolate bars are sold in 12 unit case packs
  • 5lb bulk-bags of coffee can be ordered individually. 

Damaged Products

  • Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival.
  • Contact Moka Origins at Orders@MokaOrigins.com within 5 days of receipt of damaged or defective shipments.
  • Damaged merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise.
  • Damaged claims will not be accepted if it is held for more than 5 days after receipt.

Credit Agreement 


1. All orders are subject to acceptance by Moka Origins

2. All orders are subject to the terms of sale as set forth in Moka Origins Terms and Conditions Document

3. Accounts are considered past due if not paid by the date as stated on the invoice and are subject to finance charges of 1.5 % per month (18% per annum).

4. Moka Origins reserves the right to limit or deny the extension of credit to Purchaser at its sole discretion and without recourse to the Purchaser and without notice to the Purchaser.

5. The invoice shall become a binding contract for the purchase of the entire quantity of merchandise described therein or when the customer receives and retains the merchandise for five days without making an oral or written objection.

6. Customer agrees to pay any/all costs of collection due to the failure to pay in accordance with the terms of the invoice including service of process fees, costs of suit, and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

7. In the event of civil action, customer consents to venue in a court of competent jurisdiction in Wayne County, PA.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of sale and authorize Moka Origins to order any credit, financial, or background information necessary to establish credit. The reports can be ordered on me/ or my company. A photocopy of this authorization is to be accepted with the same authority as the original.