#MokaBox - May 2020

MokaBox May 2020

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Hey Friends,

We associate May with the coming of warmer weather, the spring season, Mother's Day, and on an international level: the celebration of Cinco De Mayo!

This holiday is special to us because of our direct relationship to the country of Mexico. Starting from 2010, I spent three years working with growing communities as part of my role as Humanitarian Director for the Himalayan Institute. While we were there, I also created some lifelong friends in the coffee and cocoa growing villages of the area. Thats why this month we are bringing you not just two, but three single-origin Mexico beans in your monthly Moka Box!

For our chocolate subscribers, we crafted a semi-sweet 60% Dark Chocolate using Mexican Cacao beans. Keeping with a Latin American theme, taste it next to our spicy and sweet Lemon Ginger Chocolate made with Brazil cacao.

For our Coffee Subscribers, we are including two different Single-Origin Mexican coffee. Compare and contrast these beans, grown in different regions within Mexico. The first coffee from the Oaxaca Region is bursing with bright notes of lime and caramel, while the second coffee from the Chiapas region brings familiar tones of roasted cocoa.

Hope you join us in Mexico in May 2021

Jeff Abella
Moka Origins CEO & Co-Founder


Product Info:

Mexico 60% Dark - Chiapas Soconusco Region

Grown in the Soconusco Region in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, this certified Direct Trade semi-sweet dark chocolate is bursting with bright fruit flavors and finishes with a round presence of toasted nuts.

Ingredients: Cocoa Nibs, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter

Lemon Ginger 72% Dark Chocolate

Brazil cacao is famous for its lemony zing. We've paired this chocolate with spicy crystalized ginger and organic lemon oil to accentuate the natural flavor nuances of the cacao.

Mexico Oaxaca - Medium Roast Coffee

We've spent three years working with growing communities in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. We are proud to highlight these coffee beans, which bring bright notes of lime and caramel in a pleasantly medium roast cup.

Mexico Chiapas - Medium-Dark Roast

These Organic and FairTrade coffee beans from from the Chiapas region of Mexico. Taken to a Medium-Dark roast, you'll experience familiar flavors of toasted nuts and cocoa.

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