MokaBox February 2022

MokaBox February 2022

Posted by India Reynolds on

Dear MokaBox Subscribers,

As cold as it may be, February is a time to celebrate love and bring some warmth to your loved ones. In celebration of Valentine's Day, our chocolatier Beth hand-swirled beautiful hearts into this limited batch Strawberry Swirl bar. It's made of strawberry-infused white chocolate swirled into Uganda 72% dark chocolate. Speaking of Uganda, part of our team is there visiting the farmers who grew the cacao used to make this bar! Check out their adventures by heading over to our Instagram.

Two bar chocolate subscribers will receive the Strawberry Swirl bar next to our Ghana 72% dark chocolate bar. The nutty flavor of the Ghana bar will contrast nicely with the fruity flavor you'll taste in the Strawberry Swirl bar.

Two coffee subscribers will receive a limited batch roast of coffee from Kenya. Our roaster Josh roasted these beans as a medium roast to bring out a full body and tasting notes of lemon and dates. This will go well along side one of our latest dark roast coffees, Pocono Mt. Blend. An in-house favorite, Pocono Mt. Blend is full bodied with delicious notes of caramel and toasted nuts.

If you subscribe to both chocolate and coffee, then congrats - you'll be receiving both limited batch products as usual. As always, we appreciate you all so much and are thankful for your support. We have some very unique and tasty limited batch chocolate and coffee planned for the rest of the year so stay tuned and get your taste buds ready!

Happy Tasting,

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