Moka Origins Year in Review 2022

Moka Origins Year in Review 2022

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At Moka Origins, we craft chocolate and coffee—but that’s not all we do. Our
mission is to produce clean and delicious products, while using our supply chain to create a positive impact on the world: sourcing ethically, investing in farmer training programs, and large scale tree planting initiatives.

We could list 2022 reasons why our brand, products, and social impact grew even stronger this year—but that would be one long post (and who wants to read all that?). So here are a few of our favorites.
Stateside Moka Staff

Expanded our team to nearly 15 members

It's only right to start by acknowledging our amazing crew, many new to Moka this year, who have helped us reach higher than ever and achieve some remarkable milestones.

Get to know our team



Cacao Beans in Dominican Republic

Purchased 63,000 pounds of responsibly sourced coffee and cacao beans

The more ethically sourced beans we buy, the greater economic impact we have on farming communities.

Newest cacao farming partner



Limited Batch S'mores Chocolate Bar

Made 25 new MokaBox exclusive products

Single origin, small batch products are our passion. Our dedicated team crafted a set of new products each month exclusively for our MokaBox Subscribers. 

Check them out here



Liz shopping for Moka Chocolate bars in Erewhon Market on the West Coast.

Welcomed 100 new retailers into our Moka family

Thanks to our amazing retail partners, our expanded distribution has made our products more accessible to you. A few of our latest partnerships include Settlers Hospitality, Whole Foods Market, Erewhon, and Fresh Direct.

Discover Moka near you 


Matti Foncha, our Cameroonian Coffee Sourcing partner with a coffee seedling

Reached 370,000 trees planted through regenerative farming program

Each year we sponsor thousands of income generating and environmentally friendly trees to be planted by our farming partners, which helps reforest land and increase income for their families.

Learn more 



Moka Origin Adventurers with us in Kampala, Uganda

Brought 23 guests on our Uganda Origin Adventure Trip

Origin Adventures are life-changing trips where we explore unique cultures, see breathtaking wildlife, and learn about and experience where chocolate and coffee really come from.

Join our 2024 trip




Over 10,000 visitors to our factory cafe

We were blessed to be back open and have records numbers of guests tour our factory, enjoy our cafe, and attend our chocolate camp program. Located on the beautiful campus of the Himalayan Institute; we hope you visit us in 2023. Happy New Year!


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