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Rwanda Coffee Sourcing Trip to Kinini Village

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Kinini, Rwanda: March 2024

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest addition to our limited-batch coffee collection: Rwandan coffee beans! Last month, after hosting an Origin Adventure trip to Uganda, our founder Jeff Abella and family, traveled to Rwanda – a country known for its natural beauty, conservation, and now, since major political changes in 2000, coffee. 


Kinini Coffee Cooperative

Jeff visited a coffee cooperative that stands out from the rest – Kinini Coffee Cooperative in Kinini Village. This collective of farmers (made up of 85% women) from Kinini and surrounding villages, is dedicated to producing exceptional coffee that puts farmers and the environment first. During his time visiting Rwanda, Jeff forged a new coffee partnership that we are truly proud to share with you. Sourced directly from the lush landscapes of Kinini, Rwanda, the Kinini coffee beans represent more than just a delightful brew; they embody the rich history, vibrant culture, and unparalleled dedication of the Kinini community to produce exceptional coffee.

Kinini Coffee Cooperative is known for their specialty coffee practices. Their location atop the Albertine Rift creates a microclimate that provides for later harvests than surrounding coffee producing regions in Rwanda. Coffee cherries begin to ripen in March and harvest continues through June. Kinini coffee beans are processed using the washed method prior to drying on outdoor racks. The red “cherry skin” is removed and the beans are washed in water to remove any further residues. 48 cooperative members work together to harvest their premium quality beans. Kinini is one of only 200 registered coffee cooperatives in Rwanda.

Rwanda Kinini Coffee Cherry

Reflecting on his recent Rwanda trip, Moka Origins CEO, Jeff Abella, shared:

“We are so proud of our new relationship with Kinini. Aside from sustainable income generation for farmers, Kinini is focused on two key projects: vermicomposting (using worms and microorganisms to convert waste to organic fertilizer) and home tree planting. Although the trees encircling the coffee washing station yield top-notch coffee, their productivity remains limited. Kinini's strategy includes more than expanding the quantity of coffee trees to boost production and farmer income. They also aim to plant coffee trees closer to growers' homes, anticipating that this proximity will encourage better tree care through pruning and agronomic management, ultimately enhancing coffee yields.”

Farmer and Land Health

Moka Origins values the livelihood and health of farmers in our supply chain. One of the results of organic farming practices is a delicious cup of coffee without toxic residues. Sustainable farming practices protect the local ecology, beneficial insect populations and abundant wildlife. 

Rwanda Kinini Women Coffee Farmers

Rwandan coffee farmers face many challenges including national directives to sell to dedicated washing stations for a standardized minimal price. The nationalized coffee bean price structure affects bean quality and a farmer’s ability to improve their growing process. The Kinini cooperative negotiates a higher price per pound in exchange for their dedication to producing a quality coffee.

Rwanda Volcano

Volcanoes and Fresh Water

The Rwandan landscape includes a number of freshwater lakes, rivers, and volcanoes. Water from Rwanda used to flow north into the White Nile River until volcanic activity 9,000 years ago changed the water flow south towards Lake Tanganyika. In western Rwanda, Lake Kivu is known for its “singing fisherman” and hosts a number of lakeside markets.

Rwanda Lake Kivu Bananas

Big Game, Beautiful Flowers, and Epic Birds

Wildlife conservation is a priority in Rwanda: black rhinos and wild mountain gorillas can be seen in their natural habitats. Black and white Colobus Monkeys are a popular safari destination and the Canopy Walk in Nyungwe National Forest Park. The suspended bridge located 210 feet above the forest floor provides incredible views of the jungle and bird life.


Rwanda Crowned Crane

“Rwanda left us with a profound lesson: the importance of unity and the power of love as the cornerstone of a nation's development goals. Rwanda is an example to be followed by others,” said Abella.


Rwanda Pink Flower


A Taste of Rwanda

Planning a trip to see volcanoes, culture, and drink Rwandan coffee? Make sure to visit Chef Malonga’s culinary school and restaurant in Kigali to sample inspired African cuisines and learn about innovative businesses supporting Rwandan farmers and agriculture. 

Too busy to make a trip to Rwanda this year? Consider subscribing to MokaBox to try this limited-batch roast of super special coffee from Kinini Village.

Rwanda Kinini Coffee Farmers

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