Origin Story: Cameroon Mt Oku Coffee

Origin Story: Cameroon Mt Oku Coffee Part 2

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Cameroon stole our hearts. For over a decade, Moka’s founders have worked alongside communities in different parts of Cameroon, slowly developing an understanding of the people and their values. We have met thousands of incredible individuals who are inspiring to watch, and whom, at the same time, are driven to learn from us as well. This partnership organically developed into an idea: help uplift communities in Cameroon using the crops that they rely on the most. This idea led us to Mt. Oku, where the banana, orange, and kola nut groves thrive in the shades of the mountain, and give the coffee trees an unmatched brilliance.

Alongside beekeeping and wood carvings, the coffee crop is the lifeblood of the communities that surround the mountain. Supporting these coffee farms means supporting over 3000 farmers and their families. Among these individuals is Ya 50 - A widow who started a women’s farmers cooperative of all widows with the intention of finding a way to support themselves as caregivers and empowered human beings. Through our involvement with projects around the area, and purchases of Mt. Oku coffee, we have come to befriend many of these farmers, including Ya 50, where we find constant inspiration to keep making great coffee.

This month, Moka Origins’ co-founder Jeff Abella is in Cameroon visiting the area and overseeing the growth of our own farm located deep in the Northwest region of Cameroon. During his trip, Jeff also spent time with Ya 50 in Mt. Oku region.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO THEY CAPTURED showcasing the area and the amazing work that happens there.

This is why we are dedicating the month of June to Cameroon. We will be including a bag of our Mt. Oku Medium-Roasted Cameroon Coffee in all of our Moka Box subscriptions. This bag is our flagship coffee and we cannot express enough how close it is to our core mission. Unmatched in flavor and in social impact, this coffee has been grown in the shade of Mt. Oku, beneath rainfalls shared with Mt. Oku’s sacred lake, and has been pollinated by bee’s that produce Mt. Oku’s famous white honey. We can’t wait for you to visit this region in spirit through this delicate and complex bean.


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