How To Make Cold Brew At Home

How To Make Cold Brew At Home

All around the globe, people are going crazy over cold brew... and we don't blame them! Cold Brew Coffee is a refreshing new way to prepare your morning (or anytime) pick-me-up!

“Cold brew coffee” is coffee brewed with cold water. That cool water extraction reduces the acidity of the coffee by 60% and also produces a much less bitter flavor.

Here at Moka Origins, we value quality and flavor above all else. That is why we have meticulously labored over our recipe for more than two years to create the finest cold brew coffee on the market.

Now, you can re-create our killer brew right in your home kitchen using nothing but coffee beans, water, and a French press! Follow these simple steps to brew the same high-quality cold brew coffee that you find here at Moka Origins.

Brew At Home  //  5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Coarsely grind one cup of coffee and add it into your French press.

Step 2 - Pour 7 cups of bottled or filtered water over the coffee. Stir and make sure that all of the coffee grounds are saturated.

Step 3 - Cover the mixture using the French press lid. We know you're excited, but don’t plunge the French press until you are ready to strain!

Step 4 - Have some patience. Let your mixture sit for 12-24 hours. Keep the coffee on your kitchen counter, it develops more flavor at room temperature.

Step 5 - Wait no more! Plunge your French press, refrigerate and enjoy over ice or with milk.

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