East Africa

Semuliki Forest, Uganda

Semuliki Forest, Uganda

About The Region

Semuliki National Park is located in the Bundibugyo Region of remote Western Uganda, and is home to some of Africa's most diverse floral and faunal wildlife. The park borders the Semliki and Lamina rivers, which supports a large number of animal species, and sees an average rainfall of 1250mm per year. The Bundibugyo region produces over 70% of all of Uganda's cacao, which makes the Semuliki Forest the perfect place to invest in quality harvest and fermentation practices.

Located at the base of the Rwenzori Mountains, these beans from the Semuliki Forest are collected within 10 hours of the most recent harvest and immediately stored in large wooden boxes for fermentation.

At A Glance

Origin Facts

Cacao Bean Variety

Bean Variety:




Located at the Base of the Rwenzori Mountains

Cacao Farmers and Partners

Farmers and Partners:

2500 organic small holder farmers, 52% women. Organization Name: Latitude Trading Company. Importer: Uncommon Cacao

Cacao Fermentation and Drying Process

Fermentation and Drying Process:

Centralized Fermentorium and Indirect Sun Dried on Portable Raised Mesh Tables

Cacao Roast, Grind, and Tasting Notes

Roast, Grind, and Tasting Notes:

Roasted for 25 minutes at a peak temp of 260 degrees Fahrenheit and Stone-Ground for 72 hours to achieve Tasting Notes of Fig and Chocolate Ganache

About the Farmers

Founded by Jeff Steinburg with the intention of building transparent and fair supply chains for cocoa farmers in Uganda, Latitude Trading Company is a centrally located fermentorium which collects fresh cocoa beans from over 2500 farming partners. Their attention to quality has allowed them to produce some of the highest quality beans in all of Uganda.

They also pay their farmers 10% higher than local market rates, and give bonuses during the dry season. Like true proud craftsmen, they invest in their farmers for quality beans, and work together with exporters to help introduce their farmers to cocoa markets around the globe. We are honored to source our cocoa from Latitude Trading Company, grown in the Semuliki Forest of the Bundibugyo Region of Uganda.

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