About the Region

Suhum is a small town located in the eastern portion of South Ghana, and is characterized by its low elevation plains. The average rainfall in this area is 43 inches per year, and is located almost equidistant between the pacific ocean on the south boarder of the country, and Lake Volta to the north, the worlds largest artificial lake based on surface area.

Ghana is the one of the largest exporters of cocoa in the world, and has historically earned a poor reputation for its unethical farming practices and bulk commodity cacao beans. 99% of all its exported cacao is uncertified and mostly untraceable, leaving only 4 farming groups in all of Ghana to hold certifications. ABOCFA is one of them.

At A Glance

Origin Facts

Cacao Bean Variety

Bean Variety:

Amelonado and Trinitario



Cocoa trees are intercropped with palm trees, plantains, coconut and cassava plants, and get an average rainfall of 43 inches per year in the low elevation plains of Southeast Ghana.

Cacao Farmers and Partners

Farmers and Partners:

924 organic farmers, 23% women. Sourced and imported by Uncommon Cacao

Cacao Fermentation and Drying Process

Fermentation and Drying Process:

6-day individual farm fermentation and dried in direct sunlight on raised bamboo mats

Cacao Roast, Grind, and Tasting Notes

Roast, Grind, and Tasting Notes:

Roasted for 25 minutes at a peak temp of 260 degrees Fahrenheit and Stone-Ground for 72 hours to achieve Tasting Notes of fudge and peanut butter

About the Farmers

ABOCFA (which stands for Aponoapono Biakoye Organic Cocoa Farmer’ Association) is an organic and Fair Trade certified cooperative that is known for producing the highest quality and most transparently traded cocoa in the region. These farmers are paid a premium 43% higher than Fair Trade and Organic premiums combined, and audited regularly to ensure high ethical practices are maintained on the farms, as well as complete traceability for their cacao beans.

Since the Ghana Cocoa Board regulates all sales based off of dried cacao beans, all farmers are required to ferment and dry their beans on their farms before bringing it to the market. To ensure value for their farmers, ABOCFA invests in farmer training so they can earn more for their beans and ensure consistently high quality cocoa year after year.

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