Honesdale PA

Experience a true farm to table journey at the Moka Innovation lab and craft chocolate Cafe at the Himalayan Institute Yoga retreat center in Pennsylvania. 

Here, you can enjoy our peaceful campus, taking time out from habitual distractions and the bustle of everyday life.

Indulge in some delicious, thick hot chocolate and premium coffee as you find yourself transported to Origin with vibrant displays and stunning videos tracing the Cacao and Coffee harvesting process.

Savor our Single Origin chocolate recipes, featuring unique and underrepresented Cacao growing regions. For your caffeine fix, choose from our 7 distinct small-batch coffees, or cup all 7 with our Coffee tasting flight.

Forget commercial chocolate syrups and pumps! Here at Moka, we continue this immersive educational experience by tasting our freshly poured Single Origin chocolate, straight out of our stone grinder.

We work with farming communities and invest in empowering cacao and coffee farmers across the globe. These efforts allow us to we can bring you the best, cruelty-free Single Origin craft chocolate and small-batch coffee, crafted with meticulous passion at our roasting facility in Honesdale, PA.