Today Is Green Monday

Let's shop green today!

For all purchases made today, we will plant a tree in your name on our farm in Cameroon - complete with an official certificate and a link to see the location of your tree on the map. All certificates will be email to you within 48 hours of your purchase.

Also get 25% off our Cameroon coffee and Signature Chocolate.



Green Monday is the perfect time to stock up on last-minute gifts. As the Christmas spirit draws on, we race to stuff our stockings but find ourselves struggling to find the perfect socially-conscious and sustainable holiday treats.

Made Guilt-Free: We know that every choice we make impacts the environment all around the world. Moka Origins promises to make this Green Monday's last-minute shopping rush easy and guilt-free.

To date, Moka Origins has planted 40,000 trees. SEE OUR IMPACT HERE.