About Luke Ketterhagen


Luke was raised in rural WI by his parents – a couple of ex hippies – an educator and a health care provider with a passion for spirituality and wellness.  They created a community of like-minded people with the bountiful energies of Mother Nature at the helm. This upbringing gave Luke his life purpose – to help as many people as possible realize wellness on all levels. Luke graduated magna cum laude from Marquette University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences.  He then joined the staff at the Himalayan Institute, immersing himself in the studies and practices of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and the art of joyful living.  Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Luke’s teacher and guide, inspired him to share this knowledge with others. After completing the yoga teacher training program in August of 1999, Luke became a member of the traveling faculty at the Himalayan Institute. Beginning in 2003 Luke and his wife, Kourtney opened yoga studios in Dallas, TX, New York City, and the Hudson Valley. In 2008 they moved to Venice, CA where they welcomed dozens of people to their home studio every month for a potluck and traditional fire offering (havan) to support the propagation of benevolent forces and create a community connection.  Luke continued to travel and train teachers throughout the USA and internationally from the Grand Cayman Islands and Dominican Republic to Brussels and the UK. 

After visiting India his first time in 2001 another aspect to Luke’s purpose was revealed – bring people to the birthplace of yoga for a direct experience with the expansive nature of spirituality.  After five trips to India, and 15 years of planning, Luke launched “Experience India”, a two-week cultural immersion/yoga retreat held annually until COVID hit.

During the pandemic Luke added new content to his massive online inventory of yoga classes on YogaInternational.com. He received another advanced certification from the Himalayan Institute and is a certified Vishoka Meditation Teacher. This systematic technique teaches us to unite the power of the breath and the mind and then direct it inward to discover our inner joy and radiance.  The simple, accessible, and transformative quality of this practice is now the foundation of Luke’s in-person retreats.

Luke is thrilled to partner with MOKA Origins. Beginning in February 2024 he will lead the yoga, and meditation aspect of MOKA’s transformative trips to Africa and beyond.

Connection and assimilation of the things in our lives is essential as we move forward into the greater, healthier, and more whole person we are creating and rediscovering. I hope to meet you, possibly retreat or travel with you and look forward to sharing a cup of chai together – anytime – maybe on our organic blueberry farm in SW Michigan.” 😊  Luke

See some of Luke's past excursions through his Youtube channel here.