3 Coffee African Trio
3 Coffee African Trio

3 Coffee African Trio

Our trio of single origins coffees offer the best coffee from around the world. Ranging from light roast to dark roasts, this trio pack can deliver unmatched flavors that only single origin coffee is famous for. 

Meet the Origins:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Awash River, Organic, Natural Processed 

Light Roast, Medium Body, with notes of dried fruit, lime, and vanilla tones.

The Awash River is famous in Ethiopia for its ability to support millions of people along its many banks and tributaries. Farmers also use this river to help cultivate some of the most sought after coffees in the world, and let this particular bean ferment inside the coffee cherry to be naturally processed. This results in sweet berry tones combined with notes of dried fruit and vanilla for a coffee worth remembering.

Uganda Bukonzo Organic

Dark roast, medium body, with nuances of raspberry and a clean chocolate finish.

On the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Bukonzo Organic Coop—comprised of 1,200 farmers—is among the first in its region to earn Fair Trade and Organic certifications. We’re honored to share this unique Ugandan coffee.

Cameroon Mt. Oku

Medium roast, full body, with hints of lemon and sweet caramel.

This bean started it all. For over a decade, Moka’s founders have worked with farmers across Cameroon. In the shadow of Mt Oku, coffee is the lifeblood of most local families. This rare, shade-grown bean is our flagship coffee, and embodies our commitment to direct trade.

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