Tanzania 85% Dark Chocolate
Tanzania 85% Dark Chocolate

Tanzania 85% Dark Chocolate

Smooth Extra Dark Chocolate With Hints Of Brandied Cherry and Citrus


Our “darkest” dark chocolate to date at 85%, this bar will surprise and delight you with its bold yet smooth flavor.

Meet The Farmers

Located in the heart of Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili is a central fermentory who buys from over 3,400 smallholder farmers in this region and pay 24% above average prices for their wet cacao beans. This sets the highest price for cacao in all of Tanzania. We are proud to partner with Kokoa Kamili to bring you this bar which delivers bright flavors and a smooth finish.

From Bean To Bar

Lovingly crafted by hand, small-batch chocolate is our passion. We carefully roast, winnow, and refine cacao direct from source.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar

Certified Organic and Kosher Dairy by NFC

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