#MokaBox - March 2020

MokaBox March 2020

Hey Subscribers!

This month we included something extra special in your Moka Box, and we need your help!

Moka Box Overhaul:

We want to hear from you about Moka Box! We have been busy evolving our Moka Box Subscription based on feedback we've been receiving over the past year. We want everyone to have a say in what changes they want to see. Lets evolve this together!

Scan the QR code below, or follow the link to take our survey!

New Chocolate Packaging:

Over the past year, we have been working hard to improve our chocolate packaging - and we think we've almost got it down perfect! We did a small experiment with our Cherry Chocolate and put one in all of your chocolate subscription boxes as a test.

We worked our design around a few priorities: 100% fully recyclable, 100% farmer transparency, and resealable.

Thanks again for your support and for being a Moka Box Subscriber. With your help, we'll continue improving for all our friends, families, and subscribers.

Moka Team

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