MokaBox June 2022

MokaBox June 2022

Posted by India Reynolds on

Dear MokaBox Subscribers,

Things are warming up! Isn't it nice? We've been sipping on refreshing nitro cold brew this past weekend and are looking forward to what summer brings! 

This month's MokaBox includes our latest chocolate creation, Dark Milk Quinoa Crunch. It's exactly as it sounds - our creamy and sweet Dark Milk bar with crunchy quinoa mixed in. All chocolate subscribers will get this bar and oh gosh are you in for a treat. Two bar chocolate subscribers will receive this along with our scrumptious Cherry Bar. We top Tanzanian chocolate with whole dried cherries, giving this bar a creamy and juicy texture.

Coffee subscribers are in for a really special treat as well. Enjoy a limited batch Ethiopian coffee from Banko Michicha. This is from the same region that we source our other Ethiopian beans from, but with a totally different flavor. We taste notes of blueberry and plum in this coffee - it's quite delicious! Two bag coffee subscribers will also receive our signature Espresso blend dark roast, which features notes of dark chocolate and cherry.

You may have noticed a surprise sticker in your MokaBox a couple months back. We're happy to say we'll be including a limited edition sticker in this month's box as well! It's an illustration from our very own Joe Kennedy of a chocolate bar melting, because well, it's that time of the year (you won't receive any melted bars from us though). Stick it on your water bottle, phone, laptop or whatever else you can think of. As always, thanks for your support.

Happy Tasting,

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