#MokaBox - January 2020

MokaBox January 2020

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Happy New Year Subscribers!

The beginning of the new year is a time where we reflect back on ourselves. It’s a chance to evaluate what we truly hold important in our lives and set goals to achieve them. For us, we value quality, simplicity, and social empowerment – and continue to invest everything we have into these values.

In honor of this, we have decided to keep this month’s Moka Box simple, elegant, and delicious, by including our Sea Salt 72% Brazil Cacao Chocolate in your box.

Salt has the unique ability to enhance any flavor you add it too. The natural flavors of your food immediately pop, leaving you with nuances of taste that are ready to enjoy. When paired with single-origin chocolate, salt brings out the subtle flavors that make craft chocolate so delicious and one-of-a-kind.

Brazil cacao is famously known for its wild flavors and zesty zing. We’ve refined these flavors to a smooth and complex profile and added freshly harvested Kosher Flake Sea Salt to bring out its natural beauty.

For our Coffee Subscribers, we are featuring our Cameroon Mt. Oku Single-Origin Medium Roast. This is our flagship coffee and represents our commitment to social empowerment and equal partnerships. Not only will you find it deliciously smooth with nuances of caramel and lemon, you’ll feel good knowing that this coffee supports over 3,000 farmers in the Mt. Oku region of Cameroon, West Africa.

Enjoy, and Happy New Years!
The Moka Origins Team.

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