Moka Origins Café at the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center

Moka Origins Café at the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center

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As a rapidly growing small business, we set an ambitious goal of shifting consumer perspective on ethically sourced coffee, cacao and locally made bean-to-bar chocolate. At Moka, our efforts are aimed at fostering a sense of community towards this purpose.

Our first Moka Origins Café at the Himalayan Institute Yoga Retreat Center in Pennsylvania, along with up to 3 other Moka Cafés scheduled to launch in 2020, will be the first wave of partnership cafés included in our expansion.

Our Himalayan Institute location will serve as our innovation lab and aesthetic brand model for future Moka Origins Café

An example of this partnership includes a Moka Cafe installation in the newly constructed Lounge in Camp IHC, with whom we also launched our Camp Coffee Program. Camp IHC’s commitment towards quality, empowerment and ethical sourcing has made serving coffee and chocolate to camp leaders and staff a fun and educational experience.

The Moka Origins Café

This is the first Bean-to-Bar Café in the Honesdale, where all the coffee and chocolate are made just a few steps away.


We use our fresh craft chocolate in all of our chocolate beverages, such as our Mocha Lattes, Hot Chocolates, and Frappes. We now offer this Café Chocolate to other cafes who are interested in using craft chocolate in their beverages.



Moka Origins was founded on a mission to connect farmers, ensure complete transparency and provide social upliftment along every step along our supply chain. Every Moka partnership pays homage to our humanitarian roots. We work with farming communities and invest in empowering cacao and coffee farmers across the globe. These efforts allow us to bring you the best, single origin craft chocolate and small-batch coffee — now in beverage form!

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