March Limited Batch: Honduran Coffee from Don Foncho

March Limited Batch: Honduran Coffee from Don Foncho

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It was in the late 1950s that Don Foncho started to farm and produce coffee with his wife and children on a plot of land in Central Honduras. He was the first to begin growing coffee in the region and what started as a small family business endeavor, has grown over the years into a robust coffee farm and processing center in the heart of Honduras.

Don Foncho's granddaughter Maria looking at a coffee tree

Today, the late coffee pioneer's legacy lives on in the continued work of his children and grandchildren that care for the 40,000 some coffee trees that make up the farm today. Ask someone in the community what Don Foncho Coffee is all about and they will tell you the team values quality, sustainability, and perseverance above all else.

Holding unroasted green coffee beans

We were thrilled to connect with the farm team when the late Don Foncho's daughter-in-law, Selenia, traveled from Honduras to visit us at our factory in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. She brought along samples of her coffee beans for us to try and it was then that we committed to buying beans directly from Don Foncho Coffee for March's limited batch coffee of the month. Trading directly like this ensures that Honduran farmers are paid premium prices, and that a fair share of the coffee's value is returned to those that are responsible for growing it. We're excited to be the first American roastery to work with these beans and purchase directly from Don Foncho Coffee.

The farmers of Don Foncho Farm

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