Earth Day 2022: Cameroon Regenerative Cacao Farming Project

Earth Day 2022: Cameroon Regenerative Cacao Farming Project

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In 2015, the government of Cameroon granted us 1200 acres of land to start a regenerative farming project. The goal was not only to help farmers earn a living through growing higher quality cacao and other fruits, but also to restore the barren land that was depleted of nutrients.

Today, the local farm team in Cameroon has planted over 260,000 various fruit trees, many of which quickly provide stable income to farmers. Although cacao takes 5 years to bear sellable fruit, the other fruit trees that are planted such as banana, mango, and avocado have a shorter development time which allows farmers to sell those fruits while waiting for the cacao to grow.

Scouting for farmland in 2015

Cacao pods on a cacao tree in Cameroon



For every product you buy we plant one tree in Cameroon, West Africa. So far in 2022, you've helped us plant more than 30,000 trees! As mentioned earlier these trees not only give farmers a source of income, but they help to restore the land and environment. Additionally, trees planted in tropical climates remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than non-tropical trees.

Heirloom varieties of cacao need quite a bit of shade to grow, so intercropping with other fruit trees provides this much needed shade. As leaves and fruits fall and decompose, the organic content in the soil increases making it more rich, and able to hold more water. This organic content and water retention is crucial for farming nutritious food. This approach, known as regenerative agroforestry, gives a boost to farmer incomes and local food security, removes CO2 from the atmosphere, and improves the overall health of the ecosystem. It’s an example of how the economy and living conditions can improve while also improving the ecology of an area.

Cacao saplings in one of several tree nurseries


Farm manager Edwin with a locally grown melon



We think it’s important to be aware of the impact of our activities as an organization, as well as citizens of Earth. We do what we can to reduce any negative impact on the planet, while actively working to restore the environment. As a fellow citizen of Earth, thank you for joining us in this cause. Happy Earth Day!

Part of the farm in Cameroon, Africa

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