Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate Chocolate Bars Moka Origins

Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate


Camino Verde is a privately owned fermentary where a collection of farms gather to deliver superior cacao with outstanding flavors. These coveted beans from Ecuador bring forward floral notes with hints of almond and fudge.

ABOUT THE ORIGIN: The founder of Camino Verde, Vincent Norero, has many years of experience working with fermentation methods. After reviving a 381-hectare plot of land to use for cacao farming, Vincent become a model farm in the area and a master of fermentation by utilizing his background in microbiology. The high-quality beans that are produced in this area and the tactful precision and methodic techniques that go into the fermentation practices allow farmers in this region to rightfully command higher prices for their beans. Now these farmers are well respected and fairly treated by their fellow farmers and buyers, while the rest of the world enjoys the chocolate these beans can produce.