Cameroon 72% Dark Chocolate

Cameroon 72% Dark Chocolate

Notes of soft raisin, baked brownies and a mild nutty finish.

Cameroon is the heart of Moka Origin’s Mission. These rare West African beans were grown outside the forested village called Kombone in Southwest Cameroon, where our cacao farming partner and dear friend Stanley Ngoe is from.

Stanley was born and raised by a cacao farmer, and grew up his entire life learning the trade and lifestyle that comes with cacao farming. When he was only 21, his father passed away, leaving Stanley responsible for his family and the family farm. Embracing this course of life, Stanley took on cacao farming full-time, and continued to produce the best cacao beans in the village. The art of fermentation and proper drying, which is essential to producing high-quality flavor profiles, was originally taught to him by his father, and Stanley continues to follow in his family lineage by keeping these critical steps in the forefront of his bean production.

From Bean To Bar: Lovingly crafted by hand, small-batch chocolate is our passion. We carefully roast, winnow, and refine cacao direct from source.

Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar

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