Commercial Coffee Service

Reinventing the way that coffee is served in commercial environments—our self-serve coffee stations and full-service cafe's ensure that every cup is a gourmet experience. Our coffee installations increase workplace moral while also helping us change the world, one cup at a time.

Proudly Serve Moka Origins

We are an Organic and Kosher certified specialty coffee roasting company who use ethically sourced coffee beans and invests back into rural farming communities. We have two primary service models:

Self-Service Model

Our self-serve inline coffee stations deliver our beautiful aesthetic, branded displays, and a carefully chosen variety of coffee and tea selections. These customized serving stations integrate reclaimed wood and an intentional design providing an inviting and refreshing coffee amenity for clients and guests. Contact us:

Full-Service Model

Our full-service cafe model brings the full Moka Origins experience to life. Customers enjoy the full range of brewed coffee and espresso based drinks, while embracing our mission-driven brand. In addition to space layout, equipment specifications, and branding, our expert team provides training, menu creation, and ongoing operational consultations to keep your Moka Origins cafe running with excellence. Contact us:

"A local company with a global impact- we are so fortunate to have connected with Moka Origins for so many reasons. A great purpose, a great product and ever greater people!"

Joel Rutkowski
Director/Owner, Camp IHC

“Our partnership with Moka Origins has completely elevated our staff experience. Besides the great tasting coffee, we feel honored partnering with a company that actually does good in this world. The service we receive from the Moka team is outstanding and always professional. Thank You from the entire Camp Ramah team!“

Benjy Goldberg
Assistant Director, Camp Ramah, Poconos

Your Company Can Make A Difference

Every time you sip of our freshly roasted coffee, you are directly supporting farmers across the globe. We're on a mission to create employment, heal the environment and reinvent the way coffee is served at the workplace.

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Kosher Certified Certified