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Camp Coffee Reinvented

Welcome to Moka Origins- offering the ultimate gourmet Coffee Service program for camps.

About Moka Origins

Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania, we are a Kosher and Organic certified specialty coffee roasting company that roasts ethically sourced beans. Our Proudly Serving stations are designed to make working at summer camp a gourmet experience.

We offer delicious coffee with unmatched service. Every time you take a sip of our freshly roasted coffee, you are directly supporting the farmers across the globe. Learn more about our companies Social Impact here

Proudly Serving Camp IHC.

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Serving Station & Branding Package

To promote your Proudly Serving Station, we will provide you with marketing material and signage. Proper branding and setup is essential to allow for an enjoyable and efficient experience at our Coffee Serving stations. Camp guests and staff are drawn to our beautiful displays that clearly showcase the mission and quality behind our products. 

Our Coffee Serving Stations are organized into 4 interplaying components:

  1. Serving Carts & Holders
  2. Brewing Equipment
  3. Branding & Displays
  4. Coffee and consumables materials

Layout and Size

Depending on the quantity of coffee being consumed per-day at camp, we offer 3 different size variations of serving stations. Each size option comes with a specific branded display package.

    • 4 foot station
    • 8 foot station
    • 12 foot station


Our Coffee Serving stations are available for purchase or rental. The costs depend on the size of the station being installed as well as your needs for equipment. 

For a quote, please contact us at and we'll get back to you immediately.