Mexico Oaxaca Organic 5lb

Mexico Oaxaca Organic 5lb

Medium body with balanced notes of chocolate, caramel and key-lime

Medium Roast

The Oaxaca region is best known for its mountainous terrain, which produces some of the most sought after coffees in all of Mexico. In this region, farms are incredibly small and are often the only livelihood for these families. This coffee was grown at a height of 5000 feet by a group of 1200 producers known as Sochiapam in the Sierra Madres Occidental mountain range. We experience flavor notes of chocolate, caramel and key-lime.


Origin Facts
  • Origin: Mexico, Oaxaca Region
  • Growing Elevation: 4800-5700 Feet Above Sea Level
  • Tree Variety: Typica la Pluma and Azteca
  • Process Method: Home Processed, Dry Fermented
  • Producers: Jose De Jesus, Sochiapam